A Creature of This Planet

Annette Wagner
Mountain View, CA


I drove up to the land on Friday morning. By the land, I mean Terra Sophia, the land where my mentor Sue Hoya Sellars lived up in the Anderson Valley. A gorgeous, peaceful 20 acres of hills and valley, trees and clouds. Rain and winds were predicted for Friday and Saturday, possibly even thunderstorms.

I wasn’t entirely sure why I had decided to come up here. My partner was out of town; my daughter off for the weekend. Perhaps thats why my brain offered up this idea of heading out of town for a short retreat off the grid? Or perhaps there was something under all of that?

raindrops in puff ballsRegardless, when I got up to the land, I was still wondering why I had driven three and half hours to spend two days by myself. I got out of the car and unloaded, put on my hiking boots, and then went for a walk on the land to say hello. I wandered – almost as if I needed to find something to do.

It took some time for me to settle – finally I  laid down on the earth, closed my eyes, and then sighed deeply. Maybe I don’t need a reason to come here. Maybe I don’t need to find something to do.

Maybe it’s ok to just be present…

To the song of the wind in the trees.
To the sound of the ravens cawing.
To touch the seed heads on grasses dancing in the wind with abandon.
To the feel of the earth crumbling in my fingers.
To watch the dark clouds rolling past the tops of the trees.

Ya think?

I wandered, sketched, laid on the earth, made myself some dinner. Slowly slowing down bit by bit by bit. Stopping to take touch little yellow flowers. To notice rain drops on whiskered balls of fuzz. Until I just stood still on the earth breathing in the essence of stillness letting it fill me up.

raindrops in spiderwebI put out food for the deer and one came by while I ate my dinner. We shared a glance and each went back to our sustenance. I could feel the sentience of the land and how it welcomed me. Letting me drift about until I settled.

By the time I woke up the next morning, I was grounded into the earth. I went for a long walk down to the creek through all the scrub and branches and downed trees. Hunted for wildflowers and had a conversation with a lizard. Dodged rain showers and sat in the transient sunshine. I was in connection with all the creatures and beings around me and it felt right and good and healing.

I needed to ground deeply and so the land had called me to come to her. To stand on her earth. To open my heart and feel the connection that … Continue reading

Red Threads of Self Compassion

Kate Langlois
San Francisco, CA

I’m on the edge. I’m on the edge of becoming more of my real self. Maybe you are too? That place where parts of us, the truest parts tugs at us, nudges us,  with such persistence, that we can no longer ignore it. A time when the resonance of our higher calling is no longer content to sit on the sidelines waiting to be called into the game of life.

Mindfulness helps our mind turn to what has often been hidden in plain sight. So I’ve been slowing down and listening, really listening with full presence to this energy.  As I get closer, my ‘aha!’ moment is truly, that it is more of a returning. That my essence of who I am here to be has always been within. This is not to say that all of my external endeavors and searching is in vain, or without it’s own purpose. Rather that at my center, this full potential seed so to speak already contains all of the necessary information.

Is the True Essence of YOU hidden?

What if this full expression of ourselves, our true frequency, our soul vibration,  has been with you all along, just hidden? Our energy  field can easily become littered with old and daily resonances from a myriad of life events, expectations from others, traumas and health issues. Similar to gunky stuff clogging up plumbing pipes, if not cleared can affect the full stream potential flow of our light. Some of us may have been shut down to a mere trickle!

We don’t always enter into this world with all of the conditions that allow us to thrive. As children, too often our parents, teachers or peers were critical, or judgmental of us. Or perhaps we felt we had to dim our light of our uniqueness to to be safe or to fit in. Our true frequency, the expansive vibration of our essence began to contract. But that was then and this is now. Now we get to choose to stay small or re-member who we are here to be!

What if  YOU could take one step towards embodying more of your true ESSENCE right now?

Intentional Creativity™ is a tool that enables you to take that step. The adaptability of Intentional Creativity is that it lends itself to any part of your life needed. It is a powerful method that self-empowers, helping you identify our destination and gain the momentum to cross over from the old to the new, from the past to the future. It is about attuning to mindfulness, listening to your intuition, creating powerful image that holds the space for intention and allows space to receive new information.

As our conscious mind is preoccupied with the creative process, our subconscious is freed up to provide us with information otherwise inaccessible. Shiloh Sophia McCloud

What if you treated your own Self as your most beloved person? Together with Self Compassion, this method is a gentle healing salve bringing shifts to old patterns where your inner critic has … Continue reading

Exploration through Intentional Creativity is Key to Healing the Self

Annette Wagner

Mountain View, CA

First published in the Women’s News Network November 27, 2013

I love the way the road wanders through the Anderson Valley in Northern California which is often shrouded in mist and moss-draped oaks. Every time I make my way through the valley, my artist eye leaps at each glimmer of beauty and my hands itch to pull the car over to the side of the road to draw and savor those oaks. But I pass them by because I am on a pilgrimage to Terra Sophia.

A trip to Terra Sophia is a journey to a land where the soil is rife with intention. It is a place where the seeds of our heart’s desire find sanctuary and fertile ground and burst forth into being-ness. This is the birthplace of the Intentional Creativity movement.

Terra Sophia is the home of Sue Hoya Sellars, American Master painter and teacher. She is a wiry, robust 77 year old who lives out in what we call the ‘boonies’ on 20 acres of glorious land. She is not for the faint of heart.

I find the turnoff from the two lane highway onto the dirt road and navigate my way through the dust, ruts, and twists to her land. I drive up the overgrown road, past the trail to her studio and the well with its solar panels, and down the other side. I am usually required to park at the top of the hill and walk down. A fitting approach to a master teacher.

As I close my car door, the silence of bird calls and gentle wind through the trees grounds my feet into the soil. This is sacred land and it caresses my heart like a lover. The way down the road includes even deeper ruts, steep turns, and utter serenity as I prepare myself to meet my teacher.

I walk past the platform where the huge ravens come in to nibble on offerings, the tall bay laurels and come up to the small building Sue lives in. All around me as I walk are little reminders that an artist lives here. Small ceramic faces peek out of the grass or hang on the side of a wall. A bone is placed just so on top a piece of wood.

This is where Shiloh Sophia McCloud, the founder of the Intentional Creativity™ movement came when as a young woman she lost her way and needed guidance. Shiloh went back to her roots searching and hoping for something to guide her. She discovered the red threads of her work in the red clay of the soil and paint moving on the canvas.

What is Intentional Creativity™?

In the words of Shiloh Sophia, Intentional Creativity™ is, “a movement moving through our world right now with a vision of healing. A movement where the individual and their story can be transformed from the inside out – not from an outside source … Continue reading

Announcing the Hoya-Straus Art and Education Library



I want to share something dear to my heart connected with the work I do in the world with my community of Intentional Creativity: the opening of a free video library from powerful women intuitive painters. Our first project is called A Brush with Healing. It is all held within the context of the Hoya-Straus Art Education Library, which is named after the women who started this work has early as the 1930s.

Have you ever wondered what Intentional Creativity is all about? Or been drawn to use art to heal yourself or others?

Now is the time to experience this transformation yourself – this was created for those who may not be able to afford our other classes, to give you a peak into this world. Feel free to share with women’s organizations, shelters, hospitals, therapists etc. as this is truly helpful in healing trauma. Many of the classes are less than on hour and suitable for beginners.


This library of FREE video classes for personal and professional was debuted at the United Nations in the past two weeks for the 60th Commission on the Status of Women. Register here to gain access to the Library – the first classes become available March 24.

Shiloh Sophia Sig

The International Consciousness Research Lab

Leslie Nolan
Wall, New Jersey


Leslie Nolan is found of The Venus Transits: Exploring Your Inner World through Intentional Creativity, and will speak in this video on how consciousness is made manifest through the inquiry of Intentional Creativity, as it relates to painting.
She will discuss how it can inspire problem solving, creative breakthrough and foster healing as inspired in the lab, the studio, class or workshop.

Leslie’s visionary paintings have been showcased at The United Nations World Conference for Women Against Violence. She was invited by The Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City to bring her Venus Transit’s group to participate in a collaborative art project for The Draftmen’s Congress with Pawel Althamer. She is certified in The Color of Woman Method by Shiloh Sophia McCloud.

Her Intentional Creativity teaching has inspired adults and children at healing centers and enrichments classes in the Spring Lake School system, at Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Monmouth and Middlesex Counties and private practice. Her work has been showcased at The Reiki Way Healing Center.

A graduate of Pratt Institute, Leslie is a seasoned graphic designer of Nolan Design, an award-winning graphics and marketing studio in practice for the past thirty years.